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Automated Taxi Management System
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Desktop App
for clients
Prompt car delivery, no queuing and waiting.
Convenient ways to order - mobile apps,
messengers, by phone and SMS
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for drivers
Intuitive and easy to use application:
- no more queuing;
- no extra equipments required;
- accurate GPS taximeter;
- easy tariffing;
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for operators
User-friendly interface to handle all types of operator tasks.
It won't cause difficulties even for inexperienced users.
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for managers
System serves as unified finance and personnel management system.
Everything can be done from anywhere in the world: reports, personnel, quality control, complaints handling, drivers and more.
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Main features of Namba Taxi system: speed, stability and reliability
Following numbers are the best testimony of system's effectiveness, thoroughness, usability and high competitiveness:
300 000
Number of users who used the system in less than a year
130 000
Users highly rated quality of service
30 000
Users installed and actively use mobile apps
Daily successful orders
Average car delivery time (minutes)
Drivers online. Handled by 4-6 operators.
Work with innovative technologies and proprietary know-how developments. While running on mid-range servers system shows following technical specifications:
Requests per second

and it's not the limit...
Average response time from server
For Operator
Average response time from server
For Driver
Partnership process
  1. Customer determines initial level of service and forecasts the growth rate
  2. We make our recommendations on equipment required for the start
  3. Customers acquires required equipment
  4. We install software and configure the equipment
* —* On your request we can allocate additional resources for the development of special upgrades and adaptations per your requirements

Technical support:
Partnership and pricing
We have individual approach to each client. Price is determined on the basis of your scope, goals and objectives. Here's what's included in our services in addition to Namba Taxi system:
Our Achievements
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For Drivers

Everything required for comfortable work in one stable Android app: auction-styled order selection, convenient methods to settle payments with office, configurable work schedules, emergency button, waiting mode, flexible tariffing and option to accept second order while finishing the first.

For Operators

The most effective workplace for operators with the main goal of reducing order handling time as much as possible.

  • VoIP - functionality to receive and make calls to any phone networks
  • Realtime map with detailed information about drivers and their location
  • Detailed order form which allows operators to handle multiple orders simultaneously
  • For Managers

    Management control panel includes variety of tools required for work: driver management, reports and graphs by orders and clients, financial reports, management of corporate clients, quality control department and archive of phone calls between operators, clients and drivers. Additionally the system has powerful user management functionality allowing you to granularly control permissions granted to your employees.

    For Clients

    NambaTaxi system includes all of the required tools to make our platform as user-friendly as possible for taxi companies.

    Prompt car delivery is ensured by auction-styled order allocation, which allows to receive orders in an instant so that clients receive their cars as fast as possible.

    Client can request a taxi through widest range of options: Android/iOS apps with automated location detection, by phone, SMS message with address, online booking on website or even Skype. Additionally any other order methods can be connected to our system: WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and many more.
    Client receives SMS notifications on every stage of the order process: order picked up by cab, car delivered, trip report.
    Advanced mobile apps for Android/iOS: cashless payments, real time tracking of assigned driver, integrated loyalty programs, and driver ratings.
    Choice of tariffs: all of the available tariffs in the application. Additionally users can set their own price which they are ready to pay for the ride.
    Work with companies to handle corporate rides.
    Everything is under control. The system includes quality control module where you can quickly and easily resolve all of the complaints from clients.